Prenuptial Agreements

By definition, a prenuptial agreement is a legal contract, valid throughout the period of marriage and in effect at the time of divorce, a couple sign prior to their marriage to safeguard certain rights to property, estates and financial stockpiles. Prenuptial agreements are more commonly referred to as premarital agreements, or even prenups. In the contemporary times, prenups play a very crucial role with the ever increasing divorce statistics.  While wealthy people with substantial wealth and riches originally used prenups for their own protection, these marriage contracts have only become more common and effective with time.


Significance  of Prenuptial Agreements:


Divorce lawyers agree that getting a prenup is more than often the smart move, You can never fully comprehend beforehand  what is at stake if a divorce occurs. Prenuptial agreements are precautionary measures, to put in simpler terms, to combat the probability of a marriage ending with the divorce proceedings reaching a point where your liquified assets and finances may have to be divided according to the jury’s verdict. Prenups not just maintain your sole rights to property, clear you off any debts owed by your partner, but they also prevent a divorce from being dragged on and on.




Like all legal privileges, prenuptial agreements have certain limitations and regulations to adhere to, the absence of which would spontaneously declare the prenup null and void. A prenup can, at no cost, interfere with the court’s decision when it comes to matters of child custody or guardianship as well as child support. The jury is in complete authority to make rule such decisions based on merit. It can also not comprise of anything illegal, against the laws of the State. Just as a prenuptial agreements cannot make provisions on child support, it can also not make decide on spousal support


Safe Limits:


Drawing up a prenup and signing it is not easy to do. It is rather a matter of intense contemplation and mutual understanding. Both individuals should be open and able to communicate with one another at ease about what they are comfortable with. In a healthy relationship, the scales should always be balanced, otherwise a little tip this way or that could wreck havoc. It is very crucial and important that a business deal is not made out of a marriage through critical and harsh terms and conditions that could shatter respect and trust. Communicate openly to make this last long instead of holding in bitter realizations that are a little too late.


Getting a Prenuptial  Agreement :


Getting one that is concrete and right for both the parties is not that hard. Brisbane family law  can guide you in the right direction with zero hassle. They give separation advise like no other, helping you out to come up with the most reliable and effective prenuptial agreements to meet both your requirements

as much as they can.


It is important that you know, through proper and honest communications, that your prenuptial agreement is one hundred percent legal and has no point of contradiction in to challenge its validity. Brisbane family Lawyers as well as many other family law specialized firms know firsthand information on how to draw up absolutely legal prenups.