North Korea blows against the US violations of human rights, the UN Declaration

Today the United States and other Western countries increasingly hard against the human rights of the peoples of their countries, including their socio-economic and cultural rights and political freedom and rights. In the United States, whose population accounts for 5% of the world population, prisoners, where it represents 25% of the total number of prisoners in the world. Racial discrimination in the United States, a self-proclaimed model in the field of human rights country cut broadband with official sanction and open.

The string of murders innocent young blacks by white police officers committed recently thrown the world into a state of consternation. Many professionals who denied the right to live and work are the streets as unemployed in the United States and other Western countries. The extreme selfishness, cynicism and crimes such as murder, theft, rape, prostitution, racial discrimination and discrimination and mistreatment of the Indians and immigrants are prevalent in American society, and people living in fear and constant misery.

Under the banner of “advocacy” of the United States starts wars of aggression, enslaving people from other countries and open interference in internal affairs, and thus violated their human rights. These wars of aggression trampling on their sovereignty not only maintain, but also the lives of their citizens threaten their existence and their right to limit their socio-economic and cultural progress. Typical examples are the armed attack against Grenada, air strikes against Yugoslavia and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The United States has secret detention centers in different parts of the world to kidnap and torture people in these camps. In the prison camp at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay 160 people languish again. The drone attacks by the United States are committed by many lives in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries. The indiscriminate interception of telephones and theft email by the United States, which were recently discovered, are illegal acts of espionage and, at the same time, a scandalous violation of human rights. So far, the US has set up telephone monitoring facilities in over 80 locations worldwide, and telephone conversations have been exploited not only the president and other senior officials of their allies, but also ordinary citizens by involving the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies.

Pick a fight with the “question of human rights” with the countries that follow the road to independence, the United States and other Western countries to interfere in their internal affairs to overthrow legitimate governments and suppression of human rights in these countries. these days, the United States and other Western countries Egging on international organizations to beat about the “human rights issue” in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea riot. This, in essence, is now a serious act of aggression at the impact of its system and the government. This aggravated the situation surrounding the Korean peninsula and in the region.

Many countries in the world still suffer from internal conflicts and unrest, directly posed a threat to people’s lives. A major reason is that the United States and other Western countries have worsened the situation and try to fish in troubled waters to capitalize on the conflicts and problems. Many countries impose a serious threat to economic difficulties and their peoples the right to exist as a result of economic sanctions and blockade of the United States and other Western countries.

The issue of human rights is more serious and complicated as the days pass, thanks to the United States impartiality, arbitrariness and double standards. In these days of dialogue and cooperation to promote genuine rights internationally have disappeared, and authoritarianism, arbitrariness and double standards are produced by the political interests of some countries to cut a wide band. Failure to comply with the principles of mutual respect, trust and benefit and non-interference in the internal affairs of others, they are unilaterally seeking “cooperation” and “cooperation” in the field of human rights, as they interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

It goes without saying that cooperation and collaboration between countries needed to resolve the issue of human rights. However, this cooperation and collaboration in accordance with generally recognized principles of international law and can not be used as a condition for interference in the internal affairs of other needs.

The United States and other Western countries to make this issue even more complicated by bringing not only the United Nations and other international political organizations, but the international economic and trade organizations. International economic and trade organizations discuss the issue of human rights, which is not relevant to the economic and trade issues, and this leads to strong contrasts between countries. It is a harsh reality of today.

The fact that the US is to publish a “report on human rights” each year and supports federal laws against other sovereign states shows how his party authoritarianism, arbitrariness and double standards. He publicly made such a report this year, in which they said that China, Russia, Cuba, Iran and other countries violated the human rights of its people and that no other country is now efforts to defend human rights, such as the United States.