Proper Slip and Fall Corrective Action

It might sound embarrassing, but what is a person to do? If you slip and fall and hurt yourself, and someone else’s property is liableā€¦ you can file a lawsuit. It is not what you wanted to do, but what are you to do? You know the right answer is. If something needs to be corrected, by all means take action to correct it. If there is an unsafe sidewalk that you tripped over, contact the property management and let them know of this unsafe area.

Whether it is a residential site, or a commercial property, sidewalks and curbs as well as other structures should be properly established. One way to correct this action is by not having sidewalks without hand rails. Hand rails do two things; two good things. For one, they provide support to those who need the extra assistance. For example, an elderly person may need that little extra something to lean on and guide them as they walk along. Some use a cane, yes, but not all seniors use one despite needing it. Having the hand rails gives them an advantage alongside the sidewalk. Secondly, hand rails deter others from cutting through the landscaping to get to the door entrance. If there is a curb up from the parking lot, then landscaping, then the sidewalk, some individuals might cut through the landscaping to make a quicker route from their car to the front office door. Now when hand rails are up, people usually do not want to bend under the hand rails to access the sidewalk. They will go around, as they should in the first place, to access the correct sidewalk ramp up. As a side note bonus to this whole setup, a sidewalk incline and handrail access to the building makes for a handicapped accessible route. The incline needs to be within certain incline percentages, per the Americans with Disabilities Act.

All of this said, if you or someone you know happen to have slip and fall accidents, do not let the cause of the problem gone unattended. Once medical attention is sought out, the scene is clear, an attorney is contacted, then something needs to be done about the site where the fall happened. Perhaps the emergency responders will have blocked off the site of the injury, taped it off for example. Corrective action is one of the main goals after a slip and fall accident.