Choosing the best solicitors in Cardiff

When you need a solicitor, it’s important to pick the right one – but if you’ve never needed one before, knowing who to trust can be quite a challenge. You’ll be spending quite a lot of money, and there are also important issues at stake, so you want to be sure of picking a capable solicitor who is interested in your case and will do their utmost to fulfil your requirements. But of all the solicitors in Cardiff, who should you choose? Don’t just pick the first one you find – they may not be right for your needs. Consider the following:

Do they have specialist knowledge in the area you need? There’s no use choosing a solicitor who specialises in property law if you need advice on family law. Ensure that they have knowledge and experience in the field you require them for.

Ask people you know for a personal recommendation. This is particularly useful when buying a property, as you will doubtless know many local people who have bought a home in Cardiff, and who can give you their opinion about the efficiency of their solicitor.

You can choose one that is local to work or home, so that you can easily attend appointments. Also bear in mind that a solicitor in an expensive area will have prices to match.

What is their manner like, and are they helpful? They should be willing to answer questions; any firm who acts dismissively should not be given your business. You will very likely encounter problems later on if you deal with someone who appears disinterested in helping you.

Check the Law Society. You can search using various criteria, such as the schemes they belong to, or their area of expertise.

Do they belong to accreditation schemes? If you need a solicitor who specialises in a particular area, check if they are a member of an accreditation scheme that covers that speciality.

They should be familiar with dealing with individual and corporate clients, like CJCH Solicitors Cardiff.

Are they realistic about the likelihood of winning your case? Avoid firms who make grand promises about the outcome.

Do they offer an initial meeting at a low cost or without cost? If you are considering taking legal action, this can help you decide whether or not it is worth pursuing your case. A good solicitor should advise you if there is little or no chance of winning, and not encourage you to spend money on a case that is unlikely to succeed.

Do they take legal aid cases? Although the criteria for legal aid is increasingly stringent, if you do qualify for help under the scheme you will need a solicitor willing to take legal aid cases.

Does the firm cover various areas of expertise? This can be useful if you think that you may need a different type of help in the future; perhaps you want to buy a house now, but will be setting up your own company later on.